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About Marcia

picture of Marcia Nims Homeopath, RN, BSN


  • Family Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy

  • Health and Wellness Coaching which combines more than 26 years of Nursing experience and more than 36 years of Holistic Health Coaching

  • Reduce Inflammation with EARTHING

  • Living with Food Allergy/Intolerances

  • Is EMF disrupting your healing?

  • Nutraceutical support

  • Reiki Sessions


My Story


Thirty years ago I began to explore complementary and alternative therapies like Acupuncture, Chiropractic care and Reiki when allopathic medicines and therapies often only provided brief relief of my symptoms or unwanted side effects.   

It was while on this complementary path to healing that I sought the help of a wonderful and caring homeopath who reminded me that all of our symptoms collectively are the wonderful expression of our body's efforts to bring us back into balance.


Only a few hours after taking my prescribed homeopathic remedy,  I felt truly liberated, both emotionally and physically.  I felt an energy return to me from that day forward that I hadn't felt for the previous 15 years.  My mind felt clearer than it had in years and many of my small but bothersome physical symptoms melted away over the next few months.  I slept better, I felt happier overall and regained a "youthful passion" for life again.


As a patient and as a Registered Nurse I had never seen or experienced such deep and lasting healing from any traditional or complementary practice other than Acupuncture.  I was deeply inspired by this 200 year old natural medical science and began my educational journey to become a Nationally Board Certified Classically Trained Homeopath, trained by the world's most experienced and revered Homeopath of our time,  Professor George Vithoulkas.

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